The Rake

The Rake
Kensington Mass Market $7.99
March 27, 2012
ISBN-10: 1-4201-1727-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-2727-1

The RITA winning, all-time classic romance of devastation and redemption.  The story was first published as a Signet Super Regency under the title The Rake and the Reformer.  With minor revisions, it was published as a Signet historical romance in 1998.  This is that historical romance version.

The Rake

Known as “the despair of the Davenports,” Reginald Davenport lived a reckless, rakish life while waiting for his hated uncle to die and leave Reggie an earldom.  Then the rightful heir claims the title and property and offers Reggie one last chance: Strickland, the estate where he was born and the site of his greatest joys and sorrows. Reggie returns to Strickland, resolving to build a healthier, more honorable life—if he can.

The Reformer

Young Alys Weston fled her home in despair, vowing never to trust another man.  Over the years, she’s built a good life with a foster family and a position as steward of Strickland.  She uses her skills to help her people, and her initials to convince the elderly earl who owned the state that she’s male. 

Then the new owner appears in all his dangerous masculinity and threatens everything Alys holds dear.  Good resolutions crumble when two passionate, complicated people are drawn together despite their best judgment.  Can love lead to redemption and trust?   Or is it too late?

“An enduring classic...a towering landmark in romantic fiction that is quite simply the best of the very best.”
—Romantic Times

“…one of the finest historical romances ever written.”
Jean Mason,

“The Rake has Major Keeper written all over it.”
Marianne Stillings, All About Romance, Desert Island Keeper