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            Laura Resnick’s Writer Resource Page http://lauraresnick.com/
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            Writers Digest shop  http://www.writersdigestshop.com/?p_PageAlias=Shop


Writing Organization:

Novelists, Inc.  http:/ninc.com/

            Authors Guild http://authorsguild.org/

Romance Writers of America  http://rwanational.org/

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            Maryland Romance Writers http://www.marylandromancewriters.org/mrw/index.php

Washington Romance Writers  http://www.wrwdc.com/

            The Beau Monde Regency Chapter http://www.thebeaumonde.com/


Research Sites

            The Republic of Pemberley  http://www.pemberley.com/ 

            The Georgian Index http://www.georgianindex.net/fd/index.html#TOP        

            Common Regency Errors http://www.eclectics.com/allisonlane/common_regency_errors.html

            Candice Hern’s website http://candicehern.com/ 

            Prints George  http://www.printsgeorge.com/PrintsGeorge-Prints-First.htm

            Regency Lady   http://www.regencylady.net/ 

            Connie Brockway’s Links  http://conniebrockway.com/resLinks.html 


Romance bookstores outside of North America:

New Zealand:

Barbara's Books    www.barbarasbooks.co.nz

            Chapter Books Café & Tea Shop    www.chapter.co.nz


Ever After - The Romance Book Specialists   www.everafter.com.au

            Intrigue, The Romance Bookstore   www.intrigueromance.com.au

            Temptation, The Romance Bookstore  www.temptationbooks.com

            Rendezvous, The Romance Bookstore & Crime Ink      www.rendezvousbooks.com

Rosemary's Romance Books  www.rosemarysromancebooks.com
(Rosemary’s bookstore has been award RWA’s 2009 Steffie Walker bookseller award—I believe the first bookseller outside the USA to win. Well done!

United Kingdom

            Murder One UK   www.murderone.co.uk
Murderon One is no longer a bricks and mortar store, but they still order and supply many American romances mysteries.